Cassano's - San Clemente, California

Indirizzo: 818 S El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672.
Telefono: 9493887611.
Sito web:
Specialità: Ristorante italiano, Pizzeria a domicilio.
Altri dati di interesse: Tavoli all'aperto, Ritiro all'esterno, Consegna senza contatto, Consegna a domicilio, Asporto, Consumazione sul posto, Servizio veloce, Pranzo, Cena, Mangiare da soli, Bagno accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Ingresso accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Parcheggio accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Tavoli accessibili in sedia a rotelle, Alcolici, Assaggi, Birra, Cibo per l'happy hour, Pasto veloce, Piatti tradizionali, Vino, Pranzo, Cena, Catering, Dessert, Posti a sedere, Bar, Toilette, Accogliente, Informale, Gruppi, Studenti universitari, Turisti, Accetta prenotazioni, Carte di credito, Carte di debito, Pagamenti mobile tramite NFC, Carte di credito, Adatto ai bambini, Menu per bambini, Seggioloni.
Opinioni: Questa azienda ha 192 recensioni su Google My Business.
Media delle opinioni: 4.4/5.

Posizione di Cassano's

Cassano's è un ristorante italiano e pizzeria situato al 818 S El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672. Con un numero di telefono: 9493887611 e un sito web:

Le specialità di Cassano's includono piatti tradizionali italiani e pizze deliziose, offerte sia per la consumazione sul posto che per l'asporto e la consegna a domicilio. Il ristorante offre anche tavoli all'aperto, servizio veloce e una vasta gamma di opzioni per soddisfare tutti i gusti.

Altri servizi e dati di interesse includono la possibilità di ritiro all'esterno, consegna senza contatto, pranzo e cena, oltre a un'ampia varietà di bevande alcoliche e non alcoliche. Cassano's è un luogo accogliente e informale adatto a gruppi, studenti universitari, turisti e famiglie con bambini, offrendo un'esperienza gastronomica autentica e piacevole.

Secondo le opinioni dei clienti su Google My Business, Cassano's ha ricevuto una valutazione media di 4.4/5, dimostrando la qualità e la soddisfazione dei clienti.

Se sei alla ricerca di un'esperienza culinaria autentica e accogliente, Cassano's è il posto giusto per te. Con un'ampia gamma di piatti deliziosi e un'atmosfera accogliente, questo ristorante italiano è perfetto per un pranzo veloce, una cena rilassante o anche un'occasione speciale.

Non perdere l'opportunità di gustare i piatti prelibati offerti da Cassano's. Per prenotare un tavolo o ordinare la tua pizza preferita, visita il loro sito web e lasciati conquistare dalla vera cucina italiana.

Recensioni di Cassano's

Cassano's - San Clemente, California

The food here is amazing! But let me tell you about the staff, they are incredible! So this past weekend, I was eloping in San Clemente at the beach. I had been planning it for 6 weeks with another restaurant in town. When I went to finalize everything the DAY before my elopement the other restaurant ended up canceling on us. I called around and Cassano's did not even hesitate to take my party of 28 and let us have their entire patio! The day came, Saturday 9/30/23 and we were suppose to elope at the beach but it was raining, so I called Cassano's and they let us have our little ceremony on their patio! They helped us set it up, they helped organize everything with my step mom and aunts and honestly it was the cutest little wedding I could have ever imagined!

The owner was hands on, so sweet and so accommodating! Shout out to Heidi our main go to person who streamlined everything! Shout out to Joe who took my endless calls and reassured me it would be amazing and he was right! Everyone enjoyed themselves!

We will be coming back for every anniversary and can't wait to make a lifetime of memories at this restaurant!

Thank you Cassano's for saving my wedding day, having amazing truly caring staff and the food is beyond one of the best italian food I have ever had!

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Mark Garrison

Excellent pizza and a fantastic selection of Italian items. Our Irish pizza and Irish tacos were fantastic. Great local pizzeria. Service is friendly and laid back. You're missing out if you pass this place up.

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Silvia G. Montelongo

Chicken fettuccine tasted microwaved store bought precooked with no flavor except for overpowered by white sauce. No dressing served with small salad and meatball sandwich. Vegetable pasta sauce tasted canned and not seasoned homemade. Super loud inside with a few people - uncomfortable tables. Surprised not genuine Italian food.

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Kevin Ayon

Slices hardly have any toppings, mozzarella sticks were hardened inside and the chicken parm was bland and tasted like it was microwaved. This was a sad experience that I didn’t expect based off the reviews, just be aware that ratings aren’t everything.

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Alexandra Dieguez

Loved all the Beach Photography art inside the restaurant and the food was delicious!
Our server was so lovely and kind!
The whole staff was nice, and it is just an overall great spot 🙂
Really loved it!

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Benjamin Trust

Awesome service, and great accommodations for a party of 13. The food was pretty good; just not my favorite pizza.

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Danielle B Bare

Great place! Great service! Great food! The best time to come is for lunch as they are not as busy and they give you more attention. The garlic bread is bomb as well as the margarita pizza and don’t get me started on their cannolis!! So good. They have a great selection of wines and beers. We will definitely be coming back! Thank you Marcos for your excellent service!

Cassano's - San Clemente, California
Teresa Alcantara

Super cute place with friendly staff. The food was absolutely delicious! Highly by recommend.

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