TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California

Indirizzo: 641 Camino De Los Mares Suite C100, San Clemente, CA 92673.
Telefono: 9492436433.
Sito web:
Specialità: Pizzeria, Negozio di birra, Ristorante italiano, Negozio di pasta fresca, Negozio di insalate pronte.
Altri dati di interesse: Tavoli all'aperto, Ritiro all'esterno, Consegna senza contatto, Consegna a domicilio, Asporto, Consumazione sul posto, Servizio veloce, Pranzo, Cena, Mangiare da soli, Bagno accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Ingresso accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Parcheggio accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Tavoli accessibili in sedia a rotelle, Alcolici, Assaggi, Birra, Cibo per l'happy hour, Pasto veloce, Piatti tradizionali, Piatti vegetariani, Vino, Pranzo, Cena, Dessert, Posti a sedere, Bar, Toilette, Accogliente, Di tendenza, Informale, Adatto alle famiglie, Gruppi, Turisti, Accetta prenotazioni, Carte di credito, Carte di debito, Pagamenti mobile tramite NFC, Carte di credito, Adatto ai bambini, Seggioloni, Parcheggio, Parcheggio gratuito.
Opinioni: Questa azienda ha 319 recensioni su Google My Business.
Media delle opinioni: 4.5/5.

Posizione di TJ's Woodfire Pizza

TJ's Woodfire Pizza è un'accogliente pizzeria e ristorante italiano situato a San Clemente, California. Con una vasta gamma di specialità, tra cui pizza cotta nel forno a legna, birre artigianali, pasta fresca, insalate pronte e molto altro, TJ's Woodfire Pizza offre un'esperienza culinaria autentica e deliziosa.

La location si trova al 641 Camino De Los Mares Suite C100, San Clemente, CA 92673, ed è facilmente raggiungibile. Con tavoli all'aperto, servizio di ritiro e consegna senza contatto, TJ's Woodfire Pizza si adatta alle esigenze di tutti i clienti, offrendo un'ampia varietà di opzioni per consumare i propri piatti preferiti.

Con una valutazione media di 4.5/5 basata su 319 recensioni su Google My Business, TJ's Woodfire Pizza è ampiamente apprezzato dalla clientela per la qualità del cibo, il servizio veloce e l'atmosfera accogliente.

Per chiunque sia alla ricerca di un posto informale e adatto a famiglie, gruppi e turisti, TJ's Woodfire Pizza è la scelta perfetta. Con un'ampia gamma di piatti tradizionali, vegetariani, dessert, vini e birre, il locale offre un'esperienza gastronomica completa e soddisfacente.

Se sei un amante della buona cucina italiana, non esitare a visitare il sito web di TJ's Woodfire Pizza per ulteriori informazioni e prenotazioni. Che tu desideri gustare un pasto sul posto, ordinare da asporto o ricevere la consegna a domicilio, TJ's Woodfire Pizza sarà pronto ad accoglierti e deliziare il tuo palato con le sue prelibatezze.

Recensioni di TJ's Woodfire Pizza

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
Bogdan Artemenko

Yesterday, we went there with our kids and ordered three small pizzas, which were really good and more than enough for four people. Speaking as a newcomer professional chef who has been trained in pizza making in Naples, Italy, for years, I can say that the team is doing really well. This place was recommended to us, and we were completely satisfied.

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
Del Mar Digital

? TJ's Woodfire Pizza: A Slice of South Orange County's Hidden Gem! ?
Discovering a hidden treasure like TJ's Woodfire Pizza is like stumbling upon a secret garden in South Orange County. I've hesitated to spill the beans, but with a glowing pizza experience and an urgent "Help Wanted" sign outside for six months, it's time to spread the word – TJ's needs you!

? Woodfired Magic: Unleashing Flavor Bliss!
What makes TJ's a must-visit? Picture this: a mesmerizing woodfired oven crafting the most divine pizzas you'll ever taste. My personal favorite? The Fig and Leaf personal pizza. Trust me; it's the town's best-kept secret.

?️ From Quatro Formaggi to Neapolitan Delights: A Culinary Odyssey!
TJ's menu isn't just a list; it's a journey. Dive into a world of flavor with options ranging from the rich Quatro Formaggi to the authentic Neapolitan creations. Each bite is a testament to the artistry emerging from that glorious oven.

? Join the TJ's Movement: Your Town, Your Pizza Place!
The "Help Wanted" sign isn't just a call for employees; it's a call for the community to rally around TJ's. Let's make sure this slice of heaven lasts forever! Head down to TJ's, indulge in their mouthwatering offerings, and become a part of the movement to preserve this local gem.
Let's keep the woodfire burning, the flavors sizzling, and TJ's thriving. Together, we can make every bite count! ?

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California

The Best of the best! Woodfire pizza and draft beer are top ?
Forever Favorite pizza place at San Clemente. Customer service always super awesome ?
Thank you guys!

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
S. P.

When companies operate right it is quickly recognizable. People often only take the time to leave reviews when things go south. I just moved to the area & was looking for our new go to pizza joint... for many reasons we landed on TJ's. It was (& this doesn't occur frequently & I hate admitting) completely my fault that I messed up the delivery vs take out option. I called and their response was, in a friendly manner, let's see what we can do. They took care of it all, to spare you the details, and the pizza was amazing! Thank you to who was on the other end of the line & you have a new loyal customer.

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
Christian Moran

Great pizza place. The ingredients were fresh and the portions were decent. The service was good, we were met with a friendly greeting and told what the offerings were. Would highly recommend this location.

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
Ben Cate

Had this place for the first time and it was really good! Gotta come here to get the combo pizza since Costco got rid of theirs and it doesn’t disappoint. Don’t get that inferior frozen pizza from Walfart or dollar tree and get this instead. And the employees working there were awesome!

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
Ally Hunter

Wood fire pizza!! We actually got food through DoorDash from this location and had a really great experience with the delivery. The pizza itself was very delicious and tasted great! The reason I’m getting four stars instead of five it’s because I felt like the crust was slightly burned which overpowered the rest of the ingredients on the pizza when you ate it.

TJ's Woodfire Pizza - San Clemente, California
Julie Shade

I can’t believe it took us over a year to come here. STELLAR! We went off the recommendation of the counter person and it ended up being the best decision of the night! Everyone takes care of you! The pizza was the absolute best pizza we’ve ever had. Get it with New York crust with cornmeal. Delicious and the crust is crunchy. Go early , after they open. We can’t wait to go back! Oh beer is really good too!!

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