Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Indirizzo: 17 Quakers Way, Quakertown, PA 18951.
Telefono: 2155368993.
Sito web:
Specialità: Pizzeria.
Altri dati di interesse: Consegna a domicilio, Asporto, Consumazione sul posto, Pranzo, Cena, Mangiare da soli, Bagno accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Ingresso accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Parcheggio accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Tavoli accessibili in sedia a rotelle, Assaggi, Pasto veloce, Piatti tradizionali, Pranzo, Cena, Dessert, Posti a sedere, Toilette, Accogliente, Informale, Accetta prenotazioni, Carte di credito, Carte di debito, Pagamenti mobile tramite NFC, Carte di credito, Adatto ai bambini, Menu per bambini, Seggioloni, Parcheggio, Parcheggio gratuito.
Opinioni: Questa azienda ha 220 recensioni su Google My Business.
Media delle opinioni: 4.3/5.

Posizione di Rossi's Pizza

Rossi's Pizza è una rinomata pizzeria situata al 17 Quakers Way, Quakertown, PA 18951. Con un numero di telefono di 2155368993 e un sito web visitabile su, Rossi's Pizza offre una vasta gamma di opzioni per soddisfare i gusti di tutti i clienti.

Le specialità di Rossi's Pizza sono ovviamente le pizze, ma offrono anche altri piatti tradizionali. Con servizio di consegna a domicilio, asporto e la possibilità di consumare sul posto, Rossi's Pizza si adatta alle esigenze di ogni cliente.

Altri dati di interesse includono la possibilità di pranzare e cenare, mangiare da soli o in compagnia, con un bagno, ingresso, parcheggio e tavoli accessibili in sedia a rotelle. Il locale è accogliente e informale, accetta prenotazioni e pagamenti tramite carte di credito, debito e mobile tramite NFC. È adatto anche ai bambini, con un menu dedicato e seggioloni disponibili.

Secondo le opinioni di clienti soddisfatti, questa azienda ha raggiunto una media di 4.3/5 su Google My Business, confermando la qualità e la soddisfazione dei clienti.

Per chiunque sia alla ricerca di un'esperienza culinaria autentica e di qualità, Rossi's Pizza è la scelta perfetta. Visita il loro sito web per maggiori informazioni e per prenotare il tuo prossimo pasto presso questa rinomata pizzeria.

Recensioni di Rossi's Pizza

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Heather Byrum

I gave five-star because everything is fresh every time I go and delicious and always wanting me to come back for more it's a wonderful family environment and the food is really impressive if you want to take somebody out to impress them this is the place to be.
I live too far away for them to deliver so I definitely make it a point when I'm out and about in that direction to stop by and fill my belly with the best of the best!!
You really get what you pay for a very generous portion of food. And the sauce oh my goodness the sauce....Whew!!

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania

the very first time I called the store I was left on hold for 7 minutes until somebody actually took my order. when I came to pick up the order, the box smelt like it was crafted outside and the pizza on the inside of the box smelt like it was made outside (in which it probably wasn't exactly made outside, that's just how it smelt.) the pizza box and pizza smelt weird and had a funky taste after that acknowledgement. I personally don't recommend these guys for pizza ordering

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Kelly Kringe

Very friendly people and the pizza is fresh! We order from here frequently and always find the food delicious!

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Melanie Eckhardt

I like Rossi Pizza. They have fast service and a friendly staff. They always have my order correct. I also like their pizza because it isn’t overly salty as compared to some other places. I like their crust on the pizza as well.

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Makenna M

What was once one of our favorite pizza places has suddenly changed. Whether it’s new ownership or new recipes, we’re not sure. The pizza is now made with processed cheese and the sauce does not taste nearly as good. Overall the pizza is a huge disappointment.

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Thomas Horner

New rossi has better cheese steaks, fries, wings, pierogies etc. but the pizza isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. Service has been really good tho the past 2 times we ordered

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
London Oki

Great pizza and hoagies! To all the people who complained and gave negative reviews. Shame on you! You obviously have no idea what it takes to even start a restaurant or run one! You must have a love for people to even consider starting one. Long hours and trying to keep fresh food on hand day to day not knowing how many customers you will get, it’s difficult enough to do in my own refrigerator try to do it on a restaurant scale. And I guess you never had a family emergency or a bad day? You didn’t get your food fast enough so you give this nice gentleman who is trying his best a bad review! Shame on you! Their pizza is excellent let me say that again excellent!! Their hoagies fresh and delicious. I’m very thankful for this little establishment. God Bless

Rossi's Pizza - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Monte Bertrand

This is my favorite place for pizza in Quakertown.

They always get your order correct and pay attention to the little details.

My pizza is always super tasty and cooked perfect.

If they delivered, it would be perfect.


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