Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania

Indirizzo: 301 N Lewis Rd Unit 40, Royersford, PA 19468.
Telefono: 07921974.
Sito web:
Specialità: Pizzeria, Ristorante italiano, Pizzeria a domicilio, Pizza da asporto.
Altri dati di interesse: Consegna senza contatto, Consegna a domicilio, Asporto, Consumazione sul posto, Servizio veloce, Pranzo, Cena, Mangiare da soli, Bagno accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Ingresso accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Parcheggio accessibile in sedia a rotelle, Tavoli accessibili in sedia a rotelle, Assaggi, Pasto veloce, Piatti tradizionali, Pranzo, Cena, Catering, Dessert, Posti a sedere, Toilette, Accogliente, Informale, Gruppi, Accetta prenotazioni, Carte di credito, Carte di debito, Pagamenti mobile tramite NFC, Carte di credito, Adatto ai bambini, Menu per bambini, Seggioloni, Parcheggio, Parcheggio gratuito.
Opinioni: Questa azienda ha 179 recensioni su Google My Business.
Media delle opinioni: 3.9/5.

Posizione di Rossi's Pizzeria

Rossi's Pizzeria è un'accogliente e informale pizzeria e ristorante italiano situato a Royersford, PA. Con specialità come pizza da asporto, consegna a domicilio e pietanze tradizionali italiane, Rossi's Pizzeria offre un'ampia varietà di opzioni per soddisfare tutti i gusti.

Situato all'indirizzo 301 N Lewis Rd Unit 40, Royersford, PA 19468, Rossi's Pizzeria è facilmente accessibile e offre parcheggio gratuito. Il ristorante ha anche servizi e strutture accessibili per persone con disabilità, come bagno, ingresso e tavoli adatti alle sedie a rotelle.

Con una media delle opinioni di 3.9 su 5 basata su 179 recensioni su Google My Business, Rossi's Pizzeria è amato dai clienti per la qualità del cibo, il servizio veloce e l'atmosfera accogliente.

Se sei alla ricerca di un posto dove mangiare bene e in un ambiente confortevole, Rossi's Pizzeria è la scelta perfetta. Con un menù che spazia dalle pizze classiche ai piatti tradizionali italiani, c'è qualcosa per tutti i gusti. Inoltre, il ristorante offre servizi come catering, dessert e un menu dedicato ai bambini, rendendolo ideale per le famiglie.

Se desideri saperne di più su Rossi's Pizzeria o prenotare un tavolo, ti consigliamo di visitare il loro sito web. Lì troverai tutte le informazioni necessarie per una serata indimenticabile all'insegna della buona cucina italiana.

Recensioni di Rossi's Pizzeria

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Valerie McPherson

I ordered 2 sliced of pizza and paid for the food. Then after waiting 15+ min and the 2 slices still werent warmed up I asked how much longer only to find there was no pizza! I was just standing there waiting and waiting for my pizza. I assume if I hadn't asked how much longer no one would have said anything and left me standing there forever? When I placed my order and PAID I saw 2 slices go in the oven but they clearly didn't come our to me! How do you accept payment without confirming the food is there? POOR service! I have frequented Rossi for years but not a single penny from thus point on and will share with anyone who will listen

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Steven Lackman

My first time trying Rossi's. It was good I only had a slice of sausage pizza. The sausage was tasty and it was a decent amount and the crust was crispy. Gotta get a whole pie one day.

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Rose Van Arnam

Garlic knots were FULL of oil and felt raw because of that. The pizza crust on all three was limp and undercooked. One pizza arrived folded in half in the box. The flavor wasn’t bad, but not good enough to order again. What happened Rossi’s? You used to be top notch. Below is a picture of a garlic knot. The dark part isn’t shadow….it’s oil.

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Lorraine Myers

I've had delivery a few times from here. I am never disappointed. Try the BLT club and fries. Delicious!

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Frank Ciliberto

The kid who took the order messed up. He was to busy on his cellphone. Instead of bring the food to the table it sat on the counter for 15 minutes until we went up to find out where our food was. The manager heard us being upset. She took the food back and said she would remake it. We ordered a cheese steak hoagie. All they did was take the steak off heated it and buried it the lettuce and tomato. The French fries was warm not hot and the sandwich was only warm. Out of about 6 tables 3 were dirty and so was the floor. I guess they don't wipe down their tables. We give this place a big 0. We won't return.

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Jessica Whitmore

This restaurant should shut down online ordering by 7 PM o. Sunday. Everything was completely under cooked. I respect the desire to close but in this case stop taking orders!

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Kathleen Davis

Thanks Rossi's!
i have eaten very well during the course of the last three years as I recover from spine surgery. The food is always excellent! We have eaten great salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, pasta, Philadelphia cheesesteaks, dessert. Service is fast and thoughtful.
When people ask me how I survived the pandemic, surgery, etc, my response is always Rossi's!!!!!

Rossi's Pizzeria - Royersford, Pennsylvania
Neuman John

It's the first time we ordered food from Rossi's Pizza and we weren't disappointed. We had a Deep Dish Meat Lovers Pizza delivered to us in a timely manner. It was hot, very flavorful, and was probably the best pizza I've ever had tasted. The crust and dough done just right and the sauce was superb. I'd definitely recommend trying the pizza.

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